Adding a Photo Montage to Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have become one of the most popular ways to display a photograph on the wall of your home or office. Great looking canvas art can be created using any of your favourite photographs and they can be based on people, places, or items. From a family photograph to a picture of your favourite holiday location, or even a picture of the car that you’ve been lovingly restoring for the past six years, any picture can be used to make a personalised canvas print.

With so much choice, the biggest problem can be making the right choice. How do you whittle twenty photographs down to just one? How do you accurately show years of marriage in a single picture? Fortunately, there is a solution – a photo montage is basically a collection of those photographs combined into one single image or display and then printed onto a canvas print or any other personalised photo item.

A photo montage isn’t just a great solution to picking the right photograph. Great looking montages can be created using a selection of pictures from a particular event such as a wedding or an engagement party. With the existence of so many digital cameras and mobile camera devices, you’re almost certain to be inundated with pictures from any event. A photo montage enables you to collect as many of these photos and add them to a photo canvas or any other photo gift item.

Rather than choosing a single image to display on a canvas art print, you can use up to twenty images or more. Canvases are available in a good selection of sizes with most services, too , so you can ensure that you get the best look for the montage of your choice. Whether you create your own photo montage or instead find a service that will do it for you before printing the photo canvas is your decision.


Matt Jackson

Photo Canvas Prints – Ideal Personalised Anniversary Gifts

Photo canvas prints make excellent personalised gifts for any occasion, but especially for anniversary celebrations. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is an especially personal time and the giving of heart felt gifts that celebrate the time spent together or look back at that time. The photo canvas print allows you to add one or more photographs to a high quality canvas that can be given to your husband or wife, or it can be given to the happy couple by friends or family.

The process of personalising a canvas print not only allows for the addition of a single photograph but can also be used as a high quality method of printing a photo montage. A photo montage is created through the use of a selection of relevant and good looking photos into a single display. A photo montage can be used to freshen up some of your favourite wedding day photos or to tell an attractive story covering your years together.

Digital photographs are the ideal medium to be converted into canvas prints. The higher the resolution of the image, the greater the resulting canvas is likely to look. However, as well as being an ideal use of digital photographs, well scanned paper prints and 6 x 4 prints can also be converted into high quality photo canvas prints.

Images can also be sympathetically converted from colour into black and white pictures. As well as giving a unique look to an individual photograph, the black and white conversion process is also perfect for use with a photo montage display. The natural woven canvas ensures that image reproduction remains exceptionally high whether you choose colour or black and white images.

As well as making great looking, high quality personalised anniversary gifts, photo canvas prints are also great keepsakes to mark the occasion for yourself. You don’t need to give the canvas print away because it will look equally good adorning your own wall; perfect for the living room, hall, or even in the office there is a good selection of sizes using high grade materials.

Matt Jackson

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